47 Awesome Tall Curtains Living Room Ideas
47 Awesome Tall Curtains Living Room Ideas

When you try to choose curtain for your space, function comes first, just set aside style consideration for a moment. For example, if you want treatments that provide privacy or even total darkness, all you need is lined curtains. If your curtain is simply decorative, unline curtain will work best for your space. Lining is more expensive, but it can shield fabric from sun damage and make your curtains last longer.

When choosing the texture of your curtain, consider the mood of the room; heavy silk or velvet for formal space, and billowy linen for a casual feel. Deciding the color of the linen that will blend with the d├ęcor or to pop and keep in mind that in a space where the sun shines through unlined curtains, the color will infuse the room. For example, blue color can be eerie; pink, cherry. If you need an inspiration of tall curtain for your living room, check out these 47 pictures below.


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