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44 Small Home Office Design Using Under the Stairs Space

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If you have an extra space under your stairs, don’t left it empty because you can use this space with something useful. For example, make a home office under the stairs. If your under the stairs’s home office have a tiny space, consider creating a built-in shelves to store your stuff. If you want a simple and beautiful appearance of your home office, choose classic design.

The open plan of the stairs manipulates your space and create a visually large and functional home office with a great style that adapt perfectly in the chic and modern setting of an open plan house. The key to make a cool and functional home office is by creating a perfect storage space and to arrange the office furniture correctly. Or consider to distressed under the stairs home office; the striped area rug, the black and white contrast matched with the natural wood. Check out these 44 small home office design using under the stairs space below to inspire you below.

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