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44 Rustic Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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Rustic decor is always look good in every space of your house; kitchen, bathroom and even your living room. Rustic decor is popular because it gives you warm and toasty feeling to your space. For example, in your bathroom, add floating shelves above your toilet to display decorations; vintage mason jars, greenery and else. Or you can combine fresh or silk flowers with rustic metal pots,vases and trays for to your bathroom.

In bedroom, add a few vintage pieces such as vase, books and milk jug of lavender to get the rustic feeling or try to decorate your corner with a wicker chair and printed burlap throw pillow. Be creative with an DIY project; repurpose window to frame old photos while serving as a shelf for decorations. Decorate your dining space with a simple, rustic wood table and contrasting wooden chairs. See more 44 rustic decorating ideas for your home below to inspire you.

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