Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Looks Spacious (1)
Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Looks Spacious (1)

To make your space feel spacious, try to paint or give your ceiling a wallpaper because anything that draws the eye upwards makes a room feel bigger. Use light colors on the walls and the floor to make the room feel airy. Darker colors make your space seem cozy and absorb light instead of reflecting it and it makes your space feel smaller.  To create the illusion of spaciousness, pull furniture away from the wall.

Make use of hidden storage and multipurpose items to keep your space from clutter or hang shelves near the ceiling to draw the eye upward. Consider to choose statement furniture that fills the room; one large couch instead of multiple small pieces will decrease the look of clutter and makes a room feel bigger. Try to use stripes to elongate the space, for example a striped rug that will make your room appear longer. See more ways below and have a nice day.


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