40 Gorgeous White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Inspire You

Kitchen backsplash is one of the way for you to add your personality pieces to your space. And you need to think about it carefully because of the tile that you choose for your backsplash is the one that you need to spruce up your wall space between the countertop and cabinets and above the range. It should showcase the color scheme and the theme of your kitchen. You need to be creative because backsplash is the focal point of your space.

If it possible, we suggest you to ask designer so you can get some guidelines when choosing the backsplash. Consider the fixture such as kitchen lighting and some hardware in your kitchen and choose one main color and a couple of accent colors to use throughout your kitchen and also the backsplash. There are so many kinds and color that you can buy for your kitchen, but consider the eco-friendly options that appropriate for your backsplash; bamboo and else. Check out these 40 gorgeous white kitchen backsplash ideas to inspire you below.


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