39 Cute Ideas to Finish Builder Grade Closet Racks
39 Cute Ideas to Finish Builder Grade Closet Racks

Let’s organize your closet with some of these ideas. Add hooks to your closet door and hang your bags on it, and it will make you feel easier to pick it when you need to use it. Or take your shower hooks and hang your purses in your closet so your handles don’t get misshaped. Also consider to add drawer to your closet, so you can grouping your clothes and yes, it is great ideas to use any impossible space in your closet.

Another great way to organize your closet and keep it away from clutter is by using a double-duty storage; narrow shelf holds shoes on the bottom and accessories on top. Utilize your closet space up top to store your out-of-season clothes; the higher you go, the more space you can add. If it’s possible, add dividers to keep different items separate and also to prevent piles from toppling over. Now check out these 39 cute ideas to finish builder grade closet racks below to inspire you.


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