36 Adorable Room Divider Project to Separate Your Space

Instead of separating your space, room divider can provide a new look to your space. It can add texture or serves as pieces of art. You can make a plain screen or paint the screen to match the decor of your space and add some family photo and memorabilia in it to add texture to this home divider. Or attach two sets of louvered folding closet door with hinges for a simple room separator.

An open back and tall bookcase can be a room divider that is so simple yet interesting; fill the bookcase with interesting items in it. If you need a room divider that still can make your space larger and airy, hang sheer fabric or drapes from a doorway. To create an illusion that make your space look bigger, hang a vintage mirror on a screen. Check out another room divider project below to separate your space.


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