34 Distinctive Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Wonderful Kitchen

When we talk about kitchen lighting, a good positioning of light fitting is the key. The best kitchen lighting is the one that can adapt in every situation; from morning till night. So, it is good to blend lighting types to your kitchen. Consider about the lighting based on your task in the kitchen, the ambiance, accent and decorative lighting.

But don’t try to overpowering the lighting, just try to layered it, so it will be an effective one, not a glare bomb. Try to focus the lighting in the right position; chopping spot, slicing spot and also the reading recipe spot. And consider the under-cabinet lighting by adding a strip light for example, to give your space a warm glow with the touch of a dimmer switch and as your hidden asset in your kitchen. Now check out these 34 distinctive kitchen lighting ideas for your wonderful kitchen below to make a better lighting to your space.


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