Staircase Landings Featuring Creative Use of Space
Staircase Landings Featuring Creative Use of Space

The hall, stairs and landing are the connecting space and they are requiring careful attention. Highlight features which are good and disguise the bad. For example, a floor with a regular outline can emphasize by using a border in a contrasting color on the flooring covering. A cornice or a border could be used to enhance the line where the ceiling meets the wall if the ceiling height is right.

D├ęcor is also important; a picture gallery can be created along a stairway while a wall-hanging can form a major part of the decoration. To amplify any natural light, mirror is the best option and it can be used to back recesses or niches by being cut to shape or framed sections can be hung at intervals. Most importantly, decorating a hall, stairs and landing should be like decorating any other room; personal, reflecting individual tastes and choices and look like it has grown over a period of time and not put together. Take a look at these 42 staircase landings featuring creative use of space below.


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