Best Tiny Bedroom with Great Use of a Wall
Best Tiny Bedroom with Great Use of a Wall

To add depth and dimension to your tiny bedroom, use mirror because it can add lots of visual interest. To solve your storage solution, take advantage of every inch of wasted space such as under bed storage. Save even more space by filling your containers with items sealed in vacuum space bags. Antique dough bowls, large baskets, plastic bins or even rolling drawers will create an easy-to-use extra storage under your bed.

If you need more storage for your clothing, consider installing a built-in dresser. To give a big effect on how a tiny bedroom feels, consider smart lighting choices and inject a few pops of a contrasting color to add interest to your space. Take the advantage of the vertical space is an excellent way to keep things neat and organized to your tiny bedroom. If you need more inspiration to use your wall as a storage, take a look at these 40 best tiny bedroom with great use of wall below.


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