Stunning Vertical Garden Design for Space Saving
Stunning Vertical Garden Design for Space Saving

Consider these practical design tips below to help you decide what kind of structure to use for your vertical garden. A gateway is usually the point of entry and the place where you make first impression, but don’t overlook your garden entrance. Also consider how permanent your vertical structures really need to be, so choose lightweight materials that are easily removed. Pots on castors with a tripod for climbing edibles are a clever way to grow.

Do not forget to check the shade factor because some plants love shade or can tolerate semi-shade. Choose your plant wisely; consider what kind of plant you want to grow and whether you will need access for pruning as it matures. Make best use of vertical structure; avoid wasting walls and fences that provide you with blank canvases for growing or displaying garden art. Likewise, artwork and signs can be attached with a little creative inspiration, so take a look at these 36 stunning vertical garden design for space saving below.


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