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36 Bright White Living Room with Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

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Most people relate the exposed beams with the mark of barn ceiling and French kitchen. But nowadays, this trend becomes widely popular among other style and there are so many reasons to add exposed beams to your space. They can highlight a large space, support your old room or even make an attic even cozier. But no matter what the purpose is, exposed beams add a perfect hint of rusticity to any home.

In kitchen, exposed beams are the common one for the French rustic style and also compliment your country kitchen. Exposed beams are also benefit your tiny space, light colors and smooth finishes will give your space the illusion of being very large and there is no need more lamenting over lack of floor space. Rustic beams in the attic will make your space seem all the more cozy and comfortable and the bonus is that you don’t have to pay for much lumber for those tiny beams. Now take a look at these 36 bright white living room with exposed wood ceiling beams below to inspire you.

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