Simple and Easy First Apartment Decorating Ideas 16

There are so many ways to make such a big difference in your space; a little wallpaper, paint or colorful accents. You can do these ideas only in one day and the result will look like it took so much longer to pull off. For example, to add a cheery accent color, add a bright yellow throw and fresh flowers to flip your tame, blue-and-white color scheme on your bedroom. For your dining table, try a statement tablecloth.

Another simple way is to make bedding changes by owning two sheet and comforter sets so you can easily swap them out by the season. As for your bathroom, you can simply change the tile and allows your tub to be the focal point so what you want to do is just to soak in there all day long. Or consider hanging a colorful curtain instead of a door that will adds rich texture to your space. Now take a look at these 35 simple and easy first apartment decorating ideas below to inspire your space.


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