34 Genius Rustic Decor Ideas Made with Chicken Wire for Your Home

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Chicken wire is not just to keep the egg-laying safe, but it is showing up outside and inside the most stylish of homes. Chicken wire is down-to-earth resource that has both an organic vibe with a bit of modern geometric and industrial appeal. So it means that chicken wire is has it all. Check out these ideas to decorate your space using chicken wire.

Consider using chicken wire as the wallpaper; chicken wire spray painted gold and mounted on the main bedroom wall lends a subtle geometric backdrop to the cozy cottage feeling. Use the chicken wire as over your window and wrap it with white or pale fabric into and around the chicken wire that is hung in the window is a great softening and stylish touch to bring out your decor cottage charm. You can also use the chicken wire as your pendant light that is so industrial style and it minimalist concept brings all those style together, makes the lighting choice a good fit in any style of space. Chicken wire is perfect for attaching things, so use it as your mood or inspirational board is a great ideas.

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