33 Lovely Cinderblock Mosaic Succulent Planter Ideas

Planting succulent is pretty straightforward. There are few things that will help ensure your succulent grow healthy. To keep your succulent stay healthy, your succulent needs to sit above the rim of the pot. If the soil is below the rim of the pot, water can easily pool up and the leaves inside the pot will quickly rot from the water and that can cause problems for the rest of the plant.

A succulent does not have any rules for the space, so you can definitely plant succulents very close together and it will be just fine, they will just grow more slowly. Let your succulent hang over the edge of your pot or just let the leaves of your rosette cover the edge of the pot. Be sure to finish off your succulent arrangement by using a top dressing so yours will look more professional. But if you want to make your garden look different with your succulent, take a look at these 33 lovely cinderblock mosaic succulent planter ideas below.


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