DIY Large Wooden Letter Ideas to Beautify Your Home 07

There is no doubt that words play the main role when it comes to communication and expression. Body language and facial expressions aid in communication, fashion, art and music is also, but words are the very core of it all.  Words have the power to support, inspire, encourage and sometimes cause harm. So, it makes a lot of sense that many people like to decorate their home with words even if it just a singular letter for an initial, a weighty word, a meaningful quote, poem verse, motto and many more.

Wooden letter is a trend that is not going anywhere soon. Especially when there are so many different ways to decorate! You can also make the wooden letter to match any room or occasion by paint them, glue on embellishments or cover them in paper or fabric. Take a look at these DIY large wooden letter ideas to beautify your home below.


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