Spare Bedroom Space That Turned Into Dream Closets 41

Many of us are dreaming about having a giant closet.  Something about seeing shoes and clothes hung up and laid out neatly in a space where they have the room to breathe is soothing to you. Most of closets are unpleasant, cramped, windowless affairs so many people often chosen to turn an under-utilized room in their space into a walk-in closet or a boudoir. A boudoir is a private space to retreat, to be surrounded by lovely things and to prepare oneself to go out into the world.

A boudoir is a woman’s private sitting room or dressing room, leading to its current mildly scandalous association. A spare room that turns into closet can also serve other purposes such as a library, study or just a place to retreat. Below, there are 44 spare bedroom spaces that turned into dream closets to inspire you. Have fun and enjoy.


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