Smart Storage Under The Stairs Ideas for Clutter-Free House 26

There are so many thing that you can make in the empty space under your staircase. You can transform them into a place for your pet to snooze, a cozy reading nook, or even storage to free your space from clutter. For example, make bookshelves to showcase your collection of books, or even antiques in it. If your kitchen cabinets do not offer much room for your cookware and food storage needs, consider this under-the-storage to keep it all.

If you don’t have any basement top store your wine cellar, make it one under the stair. Under the stair also good to store all of your book collection so you will feel delighted every time you walk by and see the shelves filled with your favorite books. Or make your entryway feel much larger by eliminating the need for a bulky, protruding armoire and install a sleek coat closet under your stairs. Take a look at these 42 smart storage under the stair ideas for clutter-free house below.


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