Decorating Modern Fireplace Ideas (42)
Decorating Modern Fireplace Ideas (42)

To decorate modern fireplace, first and foremost, it is important to stay with a minimalist ideas. If you do decide you use any type of accessories surround the fireplace, you must not use too many or create clutter. One center piece of multiple items will be fine as long as they look clean and crisp. And it will work great if you are working with smooth surface such as marble fireplace.

Consider the color because modern styling puts emphasis on highlighting neutral tones. It is to keep the space look more open and cleaner. So if you decide to add some color, just make sure that it will meshes well with neutral tone and doesn’t cause any type of focal chaos; a deep navy blue or crisp red in a piece of art of minimal floral arrangement. Take a look at these 42 decorating modern fireplace ideas below to inspire you.


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