Beautiful Wood for Your Living Room 28

Wood is a traditional, beautiful and being used by the interior design material. With softwoods and hardwoods the variety of colors, grain patterns and textures can please any taste and emphasize any if interior design style. The wood types define the latest trends in decorating and design. Wooden furniture, ceiling and wall designs and floor ideas will look spectacular and warm with wood.

But sometimes, the price can be a bit problem because many wood project use expensive hardwoods and exotic wood types to accentuate the modern interior design can be a bit costly. But there are so many ways to add wood to your space without robbing your bank account. The most popular wood types are oak, beech, pine, cherry, alder, maple, walnut, poplar, birch, mahogany and teak and each of it has unique look and properties. Take a look at these 38 beautiful wood for your living room to get your dream of wooden accent on your space.


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