Simple Pendant to Beautify Your Space 27

If you are looking for a hardworking light source that offers both function and form, pendant lighting is the answer. With variety of applications and plenty of style options, pendant lights shine with beauty and practically. To illuminate a specific task or update your décor, the light makes all the different and pendant does it all. Pendant used for all-purpose illumination; focuses light on a specific work area and accent lighting which highlights specific areas.

To avoid circles of super-bright light, consider a pendant with light diffuser or use semi-opaque bulbs. A pendant with a dimmer switch is the perfect mood-setter. For task lighting, choose the one that is open at the top so the light underneath is not too harsh. If you want an overall light, space pendants is evenly throughout the room or over the work area. Check out these 36 simple pendants to beautify your space that you need.


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