Gorgeous Bathroom with Stone Wall Ideas (32)
Gorgeous Bathroom with Stone Wall Ideas (32)

The ideas of having stone wall in the bathroom is nothing new in itself and has obviously been around for ages. But the last few decades have seen homeowners move from more modest and rustic one and polish option that ooze an air of opulence. While the 90s saw design and decorating trends shift towards simplicity, clean straight lines, muted colors and a look that fits in with the idea of modernity. But today, many homeowners wants a blend of the contemporary and the classic; a combination that has revived the popularity of the stone wall.

Stone walls and rustic bathroom are almost inseparable. They definitely bring an air of the authenticity and the charm of the countryside along with them. Your choice of stone depend on the color scheme of the bathroom, the level of maintenance that you wish to take on and the budget at your disposal; natural stone that available locally is the best option and it is affordable, easy to acquire and gives your bathroom a truly unique, indigenous look. Now let’s take a look at these 32 gorgeous bathroom with stone wall ideas to inspire you below.


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