Build a concrete stairs requires knowledge of mixing and pouring concrete, making concrete forms and using tools like hammers, drills, levels and many other. If your first project is build a concrete stairs, may want to practice on a simpler project instead such as pouring a simple concrete floor. This kind of work is also labor intensive, so you need a physically able to perform it. But if you sure, with a little planning and attention to the detail, you can add concrete stairs to your space (or perhaps the best way is calling the expert one).

Decide on the shape, location and layering of the stairs and start dig out; make sure to dig out the first three steps larger so that the rest will fit properly. Measure and cut the form to the appropriate height for the steps. Use the quick drying cement and don’t forget the water. All the first preparation seems frustrating you, so just check out these 31 ideas to build concrete stairs, pick the one that you like and add expert to make yours.


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