Do not limited your outdoor space prevent you from trying out greenery. You can plant tasty fruits and veggies to flowering plants and many more. Container gardening is the trick to growing it all in less space than you may think. For example, citrus tree, it is beautiful and also be bountiful; fill terra cotta pots with citrus tree to give your outdoor space a sunny.

Urban living often means cramped quarters both outdoor and indoor, so make the most of the space vertically; make a green privacy wall with shelves filled with potted plants. For you who have access to a patio or rooftop that receives at least 5-6 hours a day of sunlight, planters filled with patio, mini or roses will provide colorful blooms all summer long. Or try to grouping the containers together is also helps to create a more humid mini climate for the plants that is also reducing moisture loss from both leaves and potting mix. Now take a look at these 40 rooftop seating area surrounded by a wall of green and hanging plants to inspire your outdoor space with greens.


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