40 Scandinavian Aesthetic VIntage Living Room Design
40 Scandinavian Aesthetic VIntage Living Room Design

We will never get tired of the Scandinavian style that is so fresh and clean. Clean lines, muted tones, fresh air and light is what’s especially needed to accomplish the aesthetic and here are some additional tips for you to get the aesthetic out of the park. As for the color, start with a monochrome palette and muted tones and most importantly, paint those walls white. As for the furniture, the clean lines such as IKEA stuff are the key.

You can also add some texture to your living room to help you break up the clean straight lines; rug full of texture, a thick woven pouf and soft light fixture. Wood is a beautiful accent in a Scandinavian style, so go with light colored wood. The Scandinavian aesthetic is very minimal which means every pieces of furniture needs to have a function and it is a big plus if you use any flat surface to place decorative items but just don’t clutter. See more Scandinavian aesthetic vintage living room design below.


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