DIY industrial pipe shelves (28)
DIY industrial pipe shelves (28)

Many of you have seen so many DIY industrial shelves on the internet and this project is cool and creates a rustic look to your space. You could DIY these industrial pipe shelves without spending much time and money. First of all, prepare the pipe and cut to size, washed them and spray it with your favorite color after it dry. As for the wood shelves, any type or size of wood will work, it’s all depends on what you want.

After decide which place to install it, do not forget to think about the secure on the pipes; use straps so the shelf couldn’t easily move around on the pipes. Rest assures that you are taking safety seriously to ensure that this project is not only stylish but also safe. Also try to hang lots of space to make sure that this shelf is strong enough to store many stuff. So now, after knowing the tips to make this project, take a look at these 38 DIY industrial pipe shelves ideas to inspire you.


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