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31 DIY Magnet Projects that Will Make your Life Much Fun and Easier

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DIY project is fun and making some interest projects by yourself will also make your life much easier. A magnet project for example, magnet is a great material and also the perfect solution to almost any household problems. You can put those magnets into your project to keep the things in the place and also this project is cheap but you need a clever hand, crafty ideas and a little bit of spare time. Take a look at these creative ideas of using magnet in DIY projects below.

Kitchen as the stuffiest place need something to safe the space, so make your own spice rack to save the kitchen space or simply put the magnet to your kitchen walls to keep your knife for being clutter. Key is a small thing but we often forget to put the key, so use the magnet as your key holder so you won’t have any problem putting the key. Or cut the strips to size and install magnet on the inside of a medicine cabinet or inside a drawer to keep your bobby pins and other small stuff for your beauty. See more clever and smart ideas to use magnet to make your life more fun and easier below.

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