76 Wonderful DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations
76 Wonderful DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

A beautiful presentation gives everything a little extra flavor, and Thanksgiving dinner, is no exception. Go have fun with decorating Thanksgiving tables. To add a dark but elegant look, mix the rich colors with a dark base; the emerald green velvet tablecloth is striking against white and gold plates, while purple cabbage rosettes create a centerpiece overflowing with texture. Go green and whimsical with dinner table that is decked with lush garland; white candles, gold flatware and a chandelier drapes in flora do give your dining table the earthy look.

For a relaxed look, tuck a series of pink, yellow and cream-colored flowers like roses and dahlia into vases. You can also finish the vignette with a cornucopia worth of fresh fruits. For charming design, make your own copper-tinted candles by wrapping copper foil tape around flameless, battery-operated LED candles. See more examples of 76 pictures of DIY Thanksgiving table decoration below to inspire you.


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