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65 Modern White Kitchen Blue Island Color Scheme Decor Ideas

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There are some of the tell-tale signs of a modern kitchen island. Sleek surface, brushed-metal (or hidden) drawer pulls, clean-lined cabinets is one of it. But don’t let these contemporary design elements limit your imagination. Here are some tips to choose the best modern kitchen island.

The easiest ways to add modern flair to the kitchen island is by choosing a signature color to distinguish the space. Whether or not that color is repeated in another kitchen design element is up to you because there is no rule that says an island’s color needs to match its counterparts on the perimeter of the kitchen. Employing a monochromatic palette such as white-on-white and think polished wood or stainless steel used as an accent on the base of the island or in place of trim. Here are some modern white kitchen with blue island color scheme decoration ideas to inspire your modern kitchen.

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