Lovely Small Master Bathroom Remodel On a Budget (51)
Lovely Small Master Bathroom Remodel On a Budget (51)

Having a super small bathroom is like doing a giant crossword puzzle if you try to make everything fit in the available space. You need to configuring the toilet and sink to code, allowing enough clearance for shower and where to put the toilet. Despite the challenge, in some cases, it is better to squeeze in an extra bathroom where one is desperately needed even if it must be small. Here are some tips for designing small bathroom.

A pedestal sink can disrupt the only available traffic lane in a bathroom, so in this case, placing a corner sink across from the toilet works better than a sink across from the shower. Choose a shower curtain that moves back and forth to save the space. Mounting a vanity above the floor frees up a little space for small items and it also visually help the bathroom appear bigger. Extend the counter over the toilet to create a space for a few needed items and the look is minimalist and clean.


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