How to make eco-friendly home decor (5)
How to make eco-friendly home decor (5)

Going green is not just environmentally responsible, but it is also one of the hottest trends in home decor nowadays. There are many things that we can do such as insulated wall systems and reclaimed timber floors to recycled glass countertops and nontoxic paints, green materials are making their way into every design element. Make an eco-savvy choices in furnishing your space can create a massive difference for your health and also the environment. Many modern designers have started to incorporate green furniture, fixtures and flooring materials in their green home plan.

Green building materials in doors and windows; the choice of the materials that can be used for construction includes insulated glass, vinyl, aluminum, PVC, engineered wood and bamboo. Furniture made from reclaimed materials; it requires less processing and consumes fewer resources without degrading the quality. Eco-friendly flooring solution; cork, bamboo, linoleum, glass tile, wool carpet and reclaimed hardwood are excellent flooring solutions for a green home design. See more ideas on how to make an eco-friendly home d├ęcor ideas below to inspire you.



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