Ikea hacks for home (40)
Ikea hacks for home (40)

Here are some proofs that you can change cheap furniture into the luxury one. You can mix and match cabinets to create different looks by the line of shelves; lining them on wall, a row, so there’s a space above for pretty things and plenty of hiding spots below. Upgrade your old kitchen cart; a fresh coat of gray paint, a chick marble top, and a shiny towel bar makes your kitchen helper as stylish as it is functional. Buy a dresser and add a bit of leather and brass will bring a character to your dresser; adding paint and removing the old knob.

Change your section cabinets; add new knobs (is always the easiest way) against the sleek white doors and black shelf. Bring your hanging lamp a new look. Make a barn-style pendant a quick coat of spray paint makes the shades look classy and vintage at the same time. Upgrade your old classic shelving units into elegant ‘built-in’ shelves with the rolling ladder to get the library look.



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