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30 Home Interior Designs With Exposed Brick Walls Ideas

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An exposed brick wall is one of those versatile interior design features that work well with different decorating themes, be it modern, rustic, eclectic or industrial. Brick walls are bold and full of character. There many in which it can be incorporated into the interiors of your home. They will also look just as good in the kitchen as they do in the living room.

Exposed brick walls can come in a wide variety of hues and textures to suit different decorating themes; industrial, modern, contemporary, etc. Mostly, the exposed brick wall in kitchen will give the space a rustic touch, making it feel more warm and welcoming. To decorate your bedroom with exposed brick, one accent wall made of exposed bricks is enough to give a modern bedroom a big dose of personality. Now let’s have a look at these 30 home interior designs with exposed brick walls ideas below to inspire you.


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  1. Great! This idea of brick walls is stunning. I think it will never go out of style. Everything is just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

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