Perfect grid gallery wall (12)
Perfect grid gallery wall (12)

If you are the person who craves balance and organization, the grid gallery walls is super appealing. Grid gallery walls are so much easier to master than the traditional random gallery wall. Figure out which wall or space that you would like to install the grid gallery. Consider what type of art that you would like to feature in your gallery wall and make sure that the color palette is aligned.

If you are not a big fan of displaying family photos throughout the home, consider to find art that is a bit more interesting and unique; pressed leaves or botanical specimens, figure drawing, vintage photographs of the same nature, abstract painting, landscape photograph and many more. Don’t forget to measure and layout the installation wall; top weighted, centered and square, lots of negative space, and else. Once you have done with it, it is time to print and frame it. Take a look at these 26 perfect grid gallery wall below to inspire you.



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