8 Clever Ideas to Display Your Family Photos on the Wall

Family photo is not only a picture; it is a story of life. The photos tell the moment which is unforgettable. Displaying them in a smart ways will be like reading a story in book. Each picture shows what happen at the past. Photo display helps you to remember all important moments of your life.

9 Fascinating Old Map Projects That Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

If you like to travel, it will be nice to see it in your home. Space inspired travel not only beautiful but will bring the adventurer inside you. We have 14 DIY using maps that you can create. This is a perfect way to recycle your map of your journey and create handmade mementos to remember the fun you have. Do not underestimate the power and flexibility of maps in these projects, in fact I do not think some of them are possible.
Fix A Broken Furniture Leg

10 Cool and Easy Hacks To Fix Things Around Your Home

When your stuff is broken, do not throw it away. Try to fix it with some easy home repair hacks. Because many of it can be repaired only with some genius shortcuts. Check out these cool and easy hacks to fix things around your home below. 

Dress Up Your Windows With These 8 Curtain Alternatives

Windows are essential to let light in and allow the inhabitants to look out and most people choose to decorate their windows with curtains. But some other people really do not like the curtains. This may be a cliche, but windows really is the eye of your home and the way you dress them can make or break your room scheme. Not only is the design you choose to be attractive, it will ultimately dictate the light thrown into space, so multipurpose makeup is your best choice.
10 Best Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire You

10 Best Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Beach makes us feel fresh and calm. Bringing the atmosphere of beach inside the house will relax our mind. Moreover, applying beach for bathroom is brilliant idea due to the relation of these two places with water. When you want to feel like washing body at the beach in your bathroom, pay attention to these beach style bathroom that will inspire you;
8 Unique Hardwood Floor Designs and Ideas for Your Home

8 Unique Hardwood Floor Designs and Ideas for Your Home

Hardwood floors are a guaranteed way to add value and comfort to your home, but they require regular attention to keep them in pristine condition. From classic planks to gorgeous chevron, one-of-a-kind patterns and eclectic reclaimed planks, let these flooring trends and timeless styles inspire you. Check out these 8 unique hardwood floor designs and ideas for your home below.

8 Magnificent Pumpkin Flower Arrangements That Warm Up Your Fall

Pumpkin is the perfect thing to decorate your home this fall. You can make an arrangement of natural or faux pumpkin. The traditional variant is a piece of pumpkin in it as a vase and a flower of your choice. Or give a contemporary touch with a white pumpkin that will give a romantic rustic impression.
8 Best DIY Beach House Decor Ideas to Make

8 Best DIY Beach House Decor Ideas to Make

Having a beach house decor is something that you should consider. It will make you feel relax and feels like you are on a holiday. There is tables, mirrors, wall art, candles, wreaths, and much more beach themes stuff. And you are into a DIY thing, check out these 8 best DIY beach house decor ideas to make and a cute beach house theme is in your hand.

Tropical Decorating Ideas To Make Every Day Feel Like An Island...

The tropical style is one of the hottest trends of the decade. The elegant and colorful, cheerful and exotic tropical decorations feel very relaxed and comfortable for your home. The tropical decoration style is about colorful tropical themes that bring exotic flavors into modern interior decoration and create unique and comfortable spaces for the residents.
IKEA hacks to rescue cluttered entryways 20

54 IKEA Hacks to Rescue Cluttered Entryways

Just some paint can work wonders for your interior. Every corner in your house is dead space. Tiny closets are usually found in tiny bedrooms, but may also be found in huge ones.