Many of us love to spend our time outdoor during summer because of the weather. But what about bringing the summer vibe indoor? It is not a difficult and expensive as it seams. All you need is a creativity and time. You can add a juicy color to your furniture and accessories, or adding a couple of summer detail to your space. Get inspired by these 8 cheerful summer living room decor ideas below.

Adding an area rug to your space is a practical way to add color, comfort and warmth to your flooring space. It is also providing an artistic value. To create a well-balanced space, start it with an area rug. There are so varieties of an area rug that you can choose that can blend well will your theme. Modern, bohemian, rustic, vintage, anything.  If you like a vintage look, check out these 9 vintage area rugs to complement your floor space below. 

Controlling the shoe explosion at home can be a bit hard. We need much space and ideas to keep it neat and easily to take when you want to use it. It is great to separate your shoes into two groups; seasonal shoes and daily shoes. You can keep your seasonal shoes in a good storage and give your daily shoes a good space just like these 9 shoe storage below. Which one do you like?

Having a timeless home design will press your budget. It helps you to save your time to do other activities as well. A timeless country style design will ease you to rearrange the furniture without make them bored. Here are the secrets of timeless country style; Paint with Provenance Bring your house into neoclassical Virginia home by creating a country look dining room like the picture. Whenever you are, this dining room design will bring you to a country style atmosphere. All About Palette Palette is the idea of creating country style house. Arranging palette as the ceiling and or floor will ask you to a country feeling. It will be matched to be used as country house material in any occasion. Arrange Art Like an English Salon Make your living room be timeless by putting some galleries on the wall. Hang on some classical paintings to create vintage room.…

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